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How To Find The Best CBEST Practice Tests And Use It To Pass Now…

This CBEST practice test tactics article details my own personal problems preparing for and passing the California Basic Educational Skills Test. In the end you’ll discover “how to find the best CBEST practice test” and “how to use practice questions to pass.”

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I sat at the kitchen table, looking out at a beautiful day. There were only two things in the way of going outside: the door and CBEST test anxiety. Feeling trapped in my house didn’t help me start studying.

Attitude was a problem, but so was the overwhelming sense that I did not even know where to begin. And if I failed? I had been a good student at one time, but could I pass the CBEST test?

My fears and frustrations were based on four things:

1. It had been years since a test had meant the difference between getting a job or not.

2. There was so much material to read in my CBEST study guides. What would the CBEST exam be like?

3. I have always been bad at multiple choice questions! All the answers seem right.

4. My testing date was approaching fast. Did I even have enough time to prepare?

I felt alone in my CBEST test prep. At the time, it seemed as if I was the only one worrying about passing the CBEST.

Test anxiety put a huge weigh on my shoulder. It was a huge obstacle to getting a passing score.

I had two choices. I could waste more time dwelling on my CBEST test preparation problems. Or I could do what any learner should do when faced with a problem: I could find a way to solve it.

I chose to search for an answer to solve my CBEST practice challenges and test anxiety. Here’s what I did to get a passing score…

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Can CBEST Practice Tests Solve These Types Of Problems Including Test Anxiety?

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The most important thing to remember is that you are NOT alone. Everyone will have at least some CBEST test anxiety since it’s a high-stakes teacher certification exam.

Dr. Tamar Chansky, PHD, says that test anxiety is dysfunctional when you get so stressed about an exam that you avoid preparing for it. Guess what happens then? You fail. Just as you thought.

You can convert your CBEST test practice time to a passing score quicker, easier and in less time. In fact, there’s a ton of research in test preparation to prove it…

Here are the main findings of all of the test research done on high-stakes tests:

1. Use CBEST practice tests. The Institute of Education Sciences (IES) says this is almost always better than spending time studying the material. Look at reviews of CBEST practice exams online for proof!

If it has been some time since you were in school or took an exam, PRACTICE!

A large percentage of test takers who failed put in ample study time and knew the content. However,
the reason they failed was they were rusty in test taking skills. Obviously, inaccurate reading of the test questions and/or mediocre skill in choosing the best answer choice can be enough to cause failure.

2. Use practice tests for the CBEST that have questions and answers like the actual exam. A research study done by A. J. Kulik showed that students who used practice tests achieved a higher test score. The more your CBEST practice test simulates the actual exam, the better. The more practice exams you take, the more gains you are likely to make.


You’ll not only learn the content in an “interactive” and “hands-on” manner, you’ll actually be good at the skill of taking the CBEST test!

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3. Your CBEST practice test must have questions at the same level of difficulty as the genuine exam. Research the recommendations made by test-takers who have purchased exam practice materials.

What do they say about the level of difficulty of practice questions? It’s better to have questions that are too difficult than too easy. Better yet, get the same level questions for the most realistic and accurate practice taking this test!

4. Use CBEST test practice questions that are error-free! A common problem mentioned often on CBEST test forums and blogs is that educators discover their CBEST practice questions contain errors and incorrect facts.

It’s bad enough if you’re using free CBEST practice questions online and find errors in the answer key. It’s worse if you’ve purchased several sample exams and are nearing your test date. You may wonder how many wrong answers you have been studying—and how many weeks of your previous time you wasted!

Just invest in the best CBEST practice test questions. The $20 you save in one CBEST study guide isn’t worth it if you fail. Being forced to postpone your bright future in education by months or even a year isn’t worth it.

5. Got test anxiety? The physical act of taking CBEST practice questions (over and over again) under simulated testing conditions helps recondition your nervous system and help kill test anxiety…

So imagine. What would happen if you dropped your test anxiety by 50% by using a method proven to boost your test taking skills and test score? — You’d most likely pass the CBEST!

That’s great news. However, be sure you’re taking different practice exams over time. If you’re taking the same review questions over and over again, it won’t help you pass.

Why Do Widely Used CBEST Practice Tests Have Incorrect Content and Answers?

Unfortunately, recent college graduates with degrees in English or other unrelated majors are hired to write for pathetically low salaries by big publishing companies. They write all sorts of practice test questions for many exams, including the CBEST.

You can imagine, it takes much less time and money vs. locating and recruiting people who have taken each exam and have credentials in specific subject areas. Couple that with the fact the most widely-used CBEST books seldom get updated beyond a superficial cosmetic and copyright date change, this saves a big-name publisher millions in just one year alone…

…At your expense of course!

Moreover, these “ghost writers” are encouraged to research the topics covered under very unrealistic deadlines.

The result? It’s like the childrens’ story, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”! You paid good money for nothing!

What you got was a California Basic Educational Skills Test sample exam that was quickly thrown together and review book created by a corporate writer who has no credentials in your field and never took or passed your exam!

Checking CBEST Practice Questions for Accuracy

In order to select quality, accurate practice test, follow the steps outlined below and minimize the chances of buying sub-par preparation materials.

  • Select a number of CBEST questions randomly from the practice exam and compare the solutions with reliable sources.
  • Check CBEST practice tests online from online book reviews like Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Often people who have found errors in these books will voice their concerns.
  • Ask friends or colleagues who have used practice exams for the CBEST and ask for their recommendations. Do they suggest avoiding any particular material?
  • Select CBEST practice exams and study manuals that have been recently published or recently revised. They will contain more up-to-date and more accurate exam prep information.
  • Don’t always assume CBEST books from a well-known publishing house contain better quality and more accurate information. Just look at all the complaints on Amazon about practice guides with typos, grammatical errors, incorrect information and content that doesn’t follow the actual exam.
How To Fix Your CBEST Test Practice If It’s Broken Or Feel You Have Shoddy Materials

Imagine this common scenario: A prospective California educator goes to take the exam and fails. Then, that person believes it was because of a failure on their part. That may not be the case. Sometimes it is because the practice tests used in CBEST preparation contain errors or simply didn’t cover the test content.

When you find that you have been studying poor quality California Basic Educational Skills Test practice questions and the exam date is fast approaching you should do this:

  • Look for new CBEST exam practice material immediately, and apply the “Checking CBEST Practice Tests for Accuracy” check list above. It’ll be frustrating because time is short. However, cutting corners might lead you to study other sample exams and example tests that are also full of errors, wasting more time.
  • As your test date approaches, and you continue to study, be aware of any confusion in understanding of the content and/or professional competencies tested. Do you need to get more CBEST prep guides? Do you need sample questions to practice those skills so they are sharpened and refined for testing day?
  • If your testing day is very near, review key concepts and make sure your understanding is in sync with reliable sources.
  • If you fail the California Basic Educational Skills Test, the culprit might have been your CBEST practice tests and review guide, not you.

The Importance of Choosing CBEST Test Prep Books Wisely

Finding the best CBEST practice test seems like a big hassle. With so many test prep pitfalls in your path, take a little time to choose the sample exams that actually help you pass and make progress to your “big picture” life goals.

But think about it. If you fail the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST), you have to start over again from the beginning. That means register for the exam, study again, and hope that THIS time, you will pass. At that point you’d end up paying hundreds of dollars more just in just testing fees.

After failing you’d realize your old study guides, prep courses, flashcards and practice tests did not work. You’d end up paying a lot more money for CBEST practice tests and books than you would if you passed on the first try.

So why not ensure success by choosing the best preparation tools the first time?

By using error-free CBEST practice test questions under realistic testing conditions, you can crush test anxiety and achieve ‘peak performance’ results.

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Author: Mark Dahlson