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ASVAB Practice Test – Sample Questions That Teach You The Test

study guide provides sample questions for test prepPreparing and actually getting a competitive score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB exam) is not easy. It requires an effective ASVAB practice test and study guide to get the minimum passing score to achieve your military recruitment goals and secure your future.

If your ASVAB practice test and study sessions are highly productive, you stand the best chance of getting accepted into your ideal military career and education track. The higher your test score the better enlistment package you get like possibly an enlistment bonus or an offer for elite, specialized training that leads to a brighter future for you.

Your ASVAB study guides shouldn’t just help you get in the Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army or Navy. You must aim to get the highest score possible score you can. Why?…

…Because your exam score will be part of your personnel file and will impact your career for many years!

The higher the score, the more Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) will be available to you, so being as successful as possible is very important for your future.

Watch Out For ASVAB Practice Test Errors

questions free sample questions and study resources to raise your scoreThere are a lot of concerns regarding free ASVAB practice tests and example exams online by some shoddy websites. One of the major problems is that a lot of the free ASVAB practice questions contain errors, factually incorrect information! The information that is incorrect is not always immediately obvious, so candidates often waste a lot of time before realizing that they are studying tests that contain mistakes.

It’s very demotivating, to discover after days of studying, that the material is unreliable.

One candidate on reports that the military exam prep book he was using for the arithmetic reasoning section, asked test-takers what conversion factor was needed to convert from square feet to square inches. The test answer key stated 12, which is incorrect, it’s 144. As he continued through the tests he found more than 100 additional errors.

Which ASVAB Practice Test Questions Should I Choose?

How do you choose a practice test for the ASVAB that has reliable answer explanations and test content that matches the actual exam?

  • It is best to purchase ASVAB practice test from publishers who have taken and passed your Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery.
  • You can check on the internet, how long publishers have been in business, and if you have heard of any of their publications in the past.
  • If you know other people who are in the military, you can ask them for advice concerning specific test preparation publications.
  • If you are able to find the mistakes in the ASVAB test practice books, then chances are you’re ready to write the test. However, if you don’t see the errors then it is very difficult. One candidate who was trying to pass the ASVAB for a second time, studied practice tests that contained errors and his score went down.
  • Another type of error in ASVAB practice exams, is asking questions that are too easy. It makes students feel good during study time, as they are able to rhythm off answers with minimal effort, but quite horrifying when they do the real examination and find out that real questions are much more difficult…and they’re not prepared.
  • Future military recruits can compare ASVAB practice test question answers by going to the ASVAB military website. There you can compare short test questions with those in your study guide. This will give you a sense if the questions are comparable.
  • Another resource in deciding if a ASVAB practice book is going to be error free, and contain factual information is to go to chat forums and see what others have said about it.
  • There are several forums available, and sometimes provide mixed reviews concerning particular practice tests. For example one person said they liked the practice questions for the ASVAB in their preparation book while another person didn’t.
  • You as a candidate however, are not looking for a single comment, but an overall trend. If most people liked the manual then it is probably a reliable exam review resource.

What About Practice Exams For The ASVAB Online?

There are also ASVAB practice tests online. Test takers often don’t realize that unlike paper tests, the computerized version generates questions that become harder after every correct answer.

The adaptive questioning technique used in the computer formats is to determine the applicant’s range of expertise but can be demoralizing to unprepared test-takers, as each question gets progressively harder. Make sure you practice with ASVAB tests that contain this feature, as many of them don’t. You want to be as prepared as possible.

Use the ASVAB Practice Tests and Be Prepared

Choosing the right test preparation material is critical. If you choose the wrong preparation guides it will be very frustrating during your exam. Deceptively easy practice exam questions for the ASVAB that don’t cover the real exam it will lower your score and limit your future.

The consequences could haunt you for years.

Face it. You just don’t have the time to search for a free ASVAB practice test online. Make an investment in your future and make an investment in quality study books with practice exams that will pay you back each time you get your paycheck the rest of your life.

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