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CSET Science Test Preparation Tips To Pass Subtests I, II, III And IV

Your Science testing date is coming quicker than you think. If you started studying for your California science credential exam then you’ve probably become very familiar with your local bookstore. You’ve seen what study books are available. Perhaps you even tried making your own review materials like flashcards, took a CSET practice test or registered for a prep class.

You should be able to pass your CSET Science subtest just from the courses you took in college right?


There’s a lot to memorize…and little time to do it. If you’re like most California credential candidates, you’re drowning in ‘information overload.’ After all, with the almost unlimited amount of content that could appear on your testing date vs. the limited amount of test prep time, anyone would feel overwhelmed.

After taking some California Subject Examinations for Teachers science practice tests in books from or Barnes and Noble, you might have noticed that they all look a lot alike. And here’s a little secret: those science books aren’t going to give you the tips, hints and strategies you need to get a passing score on your teaching exam or help you be a science teacher.

What’s The Cost Of Study Failure?

We spend years working grunt jobs in order to get through college, take on a small fortune in student loan debt, attend classes, bust our tails for 4 years and when we graduate. It’s devastating if you lose the CSET prep game.

Your goal of becoming a science teacher is riding on the line. Mediocre study for your science subtest is risky at best. Failure and having to wait a year or more pursue your dream of working as a credential science educator in California is expensive. A secure $50,000 teaching salary to pay your bills and affording a better lifestyle is no minor thing to lose either!

Therefore, it’s time to get serious in your exam practice.

The Reality Of California Teacher Credential Science Practice

Mny qualified California credential candidates don’t pass the first time. Many intelligent and current credentialed science teachers are embarrassed to admit they didn’t pass on the first attempt.

Despite this, it can feel humiliating every time you have to explain to one of your teacher colleagues, school district administrators (where you have a pending teaching application), family or friends you did not pass.

School principals, school district personnel and other educators should be reminded that back in their day, the requirements by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) were much less rigorous. Friends and family should take a look at the types of test questions you’re required to answer correctly on the Science Subtest I: General Science, Science Subtest II: General Science, Science Subtest III: Biology/Life Science, Science Subtest III: Chemistry, Science Subtest III: Earth and Planetary Science, Science Subtest III: Physics and/or Science Subtest IV….

…Then they’ll have some perspective!

Science Subtests I, II, III And IV: Why Some Credential Candidates Fail

If you want to pass your California Subject Examinations for Teachers with flying colors, listen up: just because a Single Subjects Science practice questions worked for one person, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you!
  • It’s a harsh reality that no one wants to face. The authors who wrote your California Subjects Examinations for Teachers science study books and practice exams never took this assessment they’re trying to teach you to pass! Make sure most of your CSET science study guides are by California educators who passed your exam and know the curriculum. (That is, the content of this exam.)

  • The science subtests change over time. Be certain your science preparation materials for are up-to-date so you’re not preparing for an older version of the CSET test.

  • Find a CSET science prep booklets created by teachers who passed your specific exam. Former test takers and credentialed educators have been in your shoes. They know what test taking skills you need and what subtopics you need to focus in on. After all, who would you rather get testing tips from: the lowly publishing assistant who never took your science exam and wrote one of those generic science study guides…

    …or an educational expert who has actually taken – and passed your specific science examination?

  • Don’t assume that because a study manual is sold at your bookstore, it’s the right one for you. Find one that’s geared for your learning style so you can raise your score as time efficiently as possible.
  • A Commonly Overlooked Way To Save Time In Prepping For The Subtest
  • To save massive time and energy, go to the official Pearson Vue Evaluation Systems website. Take some time to really get a feel for the central topics you’re required to know. This can seem, “Oh, so obvious.” However, before you roll your eyes, know this: Many people fail because they study hard and long hours, but spend little time in the weeks and months before their exam date focused on what’s really tested. Knowing what your science evaluation will over isn’t a hypothesis at all. You know what subtest you have to take and the basic competencies assessed, but make sure you’re crystal clear on the subdomains and core concepts NESINC says you should be proficient in. This will take your exam practice from a mere science experiment to science success that will touch the future.

  • Too many mindlessly assume the typical bookstore CSET Science practice test that’s usually 3-5 years out of date is going to show us what’s on the exam. Then we don’t pay any attention to what the official test developers and administrators tell us is on the exam.

    So whether your Single Subject subtests cover Astronomy, Dynamic Processes of the Earth, Earth Resources; Waves; Forces and Motion, Electricity and Magnetism, Ecology, Genetics and Evolution, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Cell and Organismal Biology, Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics or Structure and Properties of Matter, save yourself time. Don’t overlook this obvious, but often missed review task. Avoid heart ache later and do the obvious now. Then constantly, revisit the Science opener page at the official site. Use it as your CSET guide to science testing. If you do you’ll hit the mark much more accurately and be rewarded in the exam center.

  • Finally, plan your entire science exam review schedule tightly around the content knowledge stated by the official website. You’ll save at least 20-40% of the time you might otherwise lose deviating from this focus. For many it’s the difference between passing and failure. Moreover, this activity will take dramatically less time than having to start preparation over again after a failing score.
So if you’re ready to get your hands on the most powerful test CSET study books, practice questions and tutoring to achieve a passing score don’t wait around for another second.

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